What do others have to say?


We can't express how happy we are to have you as part of the family, as well are our values and mission, but why not see what others who have visited us have to say?


“As my fear of Dentists I was treated very nicely. I was made to feel relaxed and safe. The procedure went very fast and I was home before I knew it. The dentist and tech did a wonderful job, no pain or discomfort.”
— phillipb, Lincolnton
“Awesome. Name stands true, they really do care. Made me feel extremely comfortable. Thanks!”
— -robertt, Lincolnton
“Absolutely amazing!! I have had several teeth pulled, but NEVER have I had such caring and less pain.
From the pain deadening before the shot, to the shot itself, and the pulling of the tooth.
I was kept comfortable, the staff and Dentist talked to me to keep me calm and comfortable. And I was again amazed at the extraction itself. I felt nothing except mild pressure.
My Dentist was AWESOME!!! That’s the only and best I can say. She is AWESOME AND AMAZING!!”
— -donnag, Lincolnton